Create measurable results with your customers

CrediWire helps the relationship manager with a quick and thorough summary of the customers’ business operations.

This allows the relationship manager to be on top of the customers’ finances and capable of assisting the SME in improving its business on e.g. higher margins, lower fixed costs and the adequate loan balance. Subsequently, enable the relationship manager to deliver a better quality of service to her/his customers.

Timely and present assistance to the customers

Things are moving fast today, both technologically and in the businesses.

CrediWire gives loan providers the opportunity to continuously keep up with its customers’ financial performance, and assist them in achieving their objectives, by providing loan providers with real-time insight into the economic development of the borrowers. We give the loan providers the opportunity to offer current and present advice to customers.

Understand your customers’ financials easier and faster

Get up-to-date insight into profit margin, contributions margins, solvency etc. on your customers and on industries.

CrediWire provides the opportunity to see the continuous entries to the bookkeeping on items such as turnover, insurance costs, rent costs etc. This saves not only the customer but also the loan provider, for a lot reporting and resources. CrediWire does all the routine work of financial analyses in real-time, automatically, and thereby allow the loan providers to focus on the customer and her/his needs.

Attain an overview of your customers’ financial position in just a few seconds

All that is required for the loan providers and borrowers to embark on a brighter future together, is that the SME chooses to shares its data through CrediWire. This is done by a single click and takes only a few seconds, after the SME has created a profile.

Account Protection

Secure and Encrypted. We use state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information.

Collaborating Partners

From €169
per user/month

Get a financial overview of all your clients

Get realtime access to financial statement analysis

Receive alerts on customer who needs your attention


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