Do you want to strengthen your
relationship with your client?

CrediWire facilitates for banks and their customers to achieve a stronger relationship by creating financial transparency and easing the communication.

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CrediWire for banks


Trusted and insightful advisor

Help your customers navigate industry trends and identify opportunities to improve businesses through higher margins, lower fixed costs and adequate financial product portfolios.


Effortless and timely assistance

Avoid ever chasing customers for financial updates and focus on providing effortless, timely, real-time assistance. Automatic synchronization with accounting systems combined with early-warning and real-time markers brings attention to relevant needs when they arise.


Create measurable results

Get an overview of customer portfolios, individual dashboards, customizable KPIs and budgets.Routine work on financial analysis is automatically collected in real-time, allowing you to focus on the customer's goals and help realize them.

customer overview

Get an overview of your customers’ financial position in just a few seconds

CrediWire brings the future of business insight to the tip of your fingers. We connect your client’s accounting system to our platform and let them share their business data with you in intuitive dashboards.

When the bookkeeping is updated, CrediWire provides real-time insight to the latest developments in your portfolio. We enable easy industry benchmarking and let you identify areas to advice your clients on.

Account protection

Connecting to CrediWire is safe and encrypted. We use the state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information.

customer overview

Collaborating Partners

From €169

per user / account

Get a financial overview of all your clients

Get realtime access to financial statement analysis

Receive alerts on customers who need your attention

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