Create results for your business

We show your business’ performance with graphs and illustrations and let you take control and make impact.

Set the direction of your business with easy budgeting.

Reduce time and money spent on reporting

We do the reporting for you, so you can spend your energy on running your business.

Avoid spending time on reporting and share your accounting data directly with the bank, accountant or board.

Compare with your industry in real time

Improve your business with actionable insights and tips.

Follow trends over time with instant access to industry figures, real-time.

Connect in less than 2 minutes

Connect your accounting system in less than 2 minutes. CrediWire does all the hard work behind the scenes so you can focus on running your business. We analyze your business for you and produce a real-time overview that lets you take the actions needed to reach your goals.

The future of business insight

CrediWire brings the future of business insight to the tip of your fingers. We connect your accounting system to our platform and present your business in intuitive dashboards.

When your bookkeeping is updated, CrediWire provides real-time insight to the latest developments in your business. We enable easy industry benchmarking and let you identify areas of improvement.

Happy customers

At we use CrediWire to keep our investors, creditors and stakeholders updated on the company's operations. CrediWire has helped us make our financial reporting automatic and saves us a lot of time.

Fredrik Grothe-Møller
CEO - WeMoveCoins

CrediWire is a great help at bank meetings, and has provided me with an action plan for my fashion store. It enables me to get a quick overview, which is very helpful to someone like me, who has little time and is not very comfortable with accounting. This tool was without a doubt the reason why the bank has given me a green light to continue running my business

Marlene Pedersen
Owner - MyHeaven

Collaborating Partners


Access your account from any device.

Everything you see is realtime down to the minute, no need to wait for the numbers.

Benchmark your company against the industry.

Spend more time performing better, than figuring out your company health.


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