Create measurable results for your business

CrediWire brings managerial accounting down to eye level, and makes it palpable with easy to understand illustrations and tips for improving your business.

CrediWire enable business owners and managers to benchmark their performance in real-time against the industry on measures such as turnover, costs, and efficiency. This empowers the SME to take control over the business operations and improve performance in a few easy steps.

Reporting to your stakeholders, like the bank, made easy - so you can focus on your business

CrediWire qualify SMEs to act on and improve their financial performance, by providing an easy to comprehend overview of complex business operations.

It allows management to easily share the business’s real-time financial performance with e.g. the bank, accountant, or board. CrediWire does your reporting for you, so you can spend your energy on creating value.

Get an easy to comprehend overview of your finances

Get an easy to understand overview of the business’s finances and performance, and benchmark with the current figures of the industry. You decide the level of detail.

Connect your bookkeeping in under 2 min

Connect you bookkeeping system in under 2 min., and get an overview of your business. CrediWire does all the hard work behind the scenes. You can focus on running your business, while we analyse your business for you and produce a real-time overview and show you where you can improve your operations.

Happy customers

At we use CrediWire to keep our investors, creditors and stakeholders updated on the company's operations. CrediWire has helped us make our financial reporting automatic and saves us a lot of time.

Fredrik Grothe-Møller
CEO - WeMoveCoins

CrediWire is a great help at bank meetings, and has provided me with an action plan for my fashion store. It enables me to get a quick overview, which is very helpful to someone like me, who has little time and is not very comfortable with accounting. This tool was without a doubt the reason why the bank has given me a green light to continue running my business

Marlene Pedersen
Owner - MyHeaven

Collaborating Partners


Access your account from any device.

Everything you see is realtime down to the minute, no need to wait for the numbers.

Benchmark your company against the industry.

Spend more time performing better, than figuring out your company health.


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