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Do you spend loads of time collecting data?

Obtain insight with easy to understand visualization of your accounting data, industry benchmarks and tips for improving your business.
Share your data with your bank, auditor, investor or whoever you want, and reduce the time spent on paperwork to a minimum as all your stakeholders are now up to date on your financial development.

Economical insight

CrediWire provides you with a financial overview of your company in real time. That gives you more and better insight into you company's economy. We present this insight in a visual and intuititve way to may it easier for you to reach conclusions and take action

Additionally, we allow you to share this insight with your company's stakeholders. That could be your bank, accountant, bookkeeper, or investors. By sharing your fiancial data in real time with your stakeholders, the amount of paperwork you have to do is significantly reduced.

Ensure the best conditions for your company

In CrediWire you can access benchmarks that gives you a detailed comparison of your economical performance compared to the industry. The benchmarks provides you with a better understanding of the market development and identifies areas where your margins can be improved.

Our budget templates makes it easy to plan for the future with your stakeholders and will increase your chances of getting funded by 30%. With CrediWire you provide your company the best conditions for growth.

How does CrediWire work?

Infographic Gathering

1. Gathering data

When setting up your CrediWire account, we connect to your bookkeeping system, and also retrieve data from public sources.
Getting started just takes a few minutes!

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2. Structuring & analyzing

CrediWire takes all your data, structures, analyzes and presents it to you in a visual and intuitive way. Because our approach to data analysis is uniform across all companies, we can also make precise industry benchmarks which is also shared with you, so you can easily identify areas of improvements.

Infographic Sharing

3. Sharing

If you want to, you can share your data with your bank, auditor, investor or even your old grandmother if you like.
You decide what you share, and you can always change your mind!

What value can CrediWire create for your company?

Get valuable insight into your business

We show you the real-time financial performance of your business in a visual and intuitive way. We make it easy to navigate through the vast amount of complex data, so it becomes easy to focus on what’s important.

We also give you the option to create budgets in a fast and reliable way. Our budget template is based on the historic data, and we make a forecast based on the anticipated revenue growth. The forecast takes into consideration items like working capital, fixed assets and capital structure. You can always change the assumptions to fit exactly the future you envisage for your business.

Benchmark your business in real-time

As all of our data is structured uniformly, we are able to give you insight into industry averages at a very detailed level.

What is the current revenue trend in my industry? What are the margins on average for my industry? My working capital is at 12.3%. Is that normal for my industry? Questions like these, and many more, are easily answered in CrediWire where you can make benchmarking on any key figure or ratio you would like.

Reduce time and money spent on paperwork

If you want to increase the overdraft facility arranged with your bank or have your auditor make a quarterly report, you would typically have to provide data like annual reports, trial balances and possibly also a budget.

All of this is available in CrediWire, and we have made it incredibly easy for you to share this information with your bank, auditor, investor or whoever you would like. Sharing this data vastly reduces the amount of time and money spent on paperwork, and you can instead spend your energy on running your business.

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Connect in less than 2 mins

Connect your accounting system in less than 2 minutes. CrediWire does all the hard work behind the scenes, so you can focus on running your business.

Once you are connected to your accounting system, we regularly update the information in the background, so you can always follow the financial development of your business, just by logging into CrediWire.

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